Indian Guy Who Is Obsessed Photography Builds A Home That Looks Like A Giant Camera

Ravi Hongal Is Obsessed With Photography - Lives In A Camera-Home

An Indian man who is obsessed with photography decided to profess his love by naming his three sons after the famous and iconic camera brands – Canon, Nikon, and Epson. That’s not all, though; he has managed to build a three-story villa that is shaped like a giant camera. Ravi Hongal is more than just your average guy who says he’s passionate about photography.

Ravi Hongal Is Obsessed With Photography - Lives In A Camera-Home

Ravi Hongal is 49 years old and is a professional photographer from Belgaum, India. He has come up with some really unique ways of demonstrating his passion for photography. He already had named his three sons after the most famous camera brands ever but now has spent almost $95,000 on this new feat. The feat is a house that has been shaped like a huge vintage camera that features a lens-shaped window, flash, and even a big SD card.

Ravi Hongal Is Obsessed With Photography - Lives In A Camera-Home

As per the local news, Ravi Hongal was passionate about photography ever since he was a child. He was not among the best students. Instead, he was always taking pictures using Pentax and Zenit cameras and was confident that he would be able to survive as a photographer. His hard work did pay off, and he ended up opening his own studio, which is named after his wife, Rani.

The three-story house is the recent feat that he has managed to pull off. The house has been designed as a big grey camera that features a variety of photo-related elements, including film reels and has the names of his mentioned as well. It has also been claimed that the interior decorations are similar to the external décor as well. Imagine living in a house with ceilings and walls designed to be various parts of the camera. What do you think of Ravi Hongal’s love for photography and how he’s expressing it?

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