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India Is Planning To Send Its Astronauts To The Moon By 2040

India is aiming high for its space exploration program, aiming to land a space station in Earth’s orbit by 2035 and send humans to the moon by 2040. This follows the successful robotic moon landing of India on August 23, when the Chandrayaan-3 lander-rover pair made history by gently touching down on the lunar surface. India is now the fourth nation to accomplish this feat.

India’s space program is now aiming for bigger and more ambitious goals under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, marking a major breakthrough in the country’s space efforts. A number of subsequent Chandrayaan missions, as well as the construction of a new launch pad and heavy-lift launch vehicle, are part of the upcoming moon exploration operations.

India’s Gaganyaan human spaceflight program, originally delayed, now has its sights set on launching three astronauts into low Earth orbit by 2025. This program involves a comprehensive testing phase, featuring 20 major tests, including three uncrewed missions to validate the launch vehicle’s performance. An important milestone in this process will be the high-altitude abort test, scheduled for October 21, which will assess the crew escape system’s effectiveness and the spacecraft’s reentry capabilities.

Looking further ahead, India aims to have a 20-ton space station in orbit 248 miles above Earth by the mid-2030s. This space station will be capable of hosting astronauts for extended periods, facilitating research and exploration endeavors.

India’s space agency, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), has its sights set on more than just moon ambitions and aspirations for a space station. Indeed, work is already underway on an explorer of Venus— Shukrayaan-1 mission— with one key goal being to examine our Sun’s boiling-hot second planet. Meanwhile, ISRO has also got plans to return to Mars with their sequel expedition – MOM 2 as she’s named—that might carry cameras suited for researching the red planet’s crust along with potentially even dropping off a lander.

It ain’t just India, with space dreams on the up-and-up. Other countries have the moon in their sights too. The U.S.A is revving its engines for Artemis, having locked onto late 2025 as a deadline for Artemis 3 and marking down first human-anchored landing since the famed Apollo days. And China? Well, it’s aiming to shuffle around some lunar dust too ‘fore this decade’s end; they’re planning an astronaut dispatch there.

As nations across the globe embark on new space exploration initiatives, the future promises exciting advancements and discoveries in the realms of lunar exploration, space stations, and interplanetary missions. India’s commitment to these endeavors signifies its dedication to advancing its space capabilities and contributing to the broader scientific community.

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