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Iran’s Allegedly AI-Guided ‘Abu Mahdi’ Cruise Missile Is Officially Live

Iran's Allegedly AI-Guided 'Abu Mahdi' Cruise Missile Is Officially Live

The Tehran Times reports that Iran has introduced a groundbreaking addition to its military arsenal – the “Abu Mahdi,” hailed as the world’s first AI-guided cruise missile.

In an official handing-over ceremony, the Iranian Navy and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) received the sophisticated weaponry developed domestically by military experts from the Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO), a high-tech complex under the Iranian Defense Ministry.

The “Abu Mahdi” missile is an AI-controlled weapon and delivers pinpoint accuracy and devastating force. Its purported capabilities include evading marine terrain and penetrating an opponent’s air defense systems. Like conventional cruise missiles, it can fly at low altitudes, evading radar detection and altering its course and length during flight, offering unparalleled maneuverability.

The warhead of the “Abu Mahdi” missile is said to be formidable, capable of obliterating various naval vessels, frigates, and destroyers from multiple angles. Equipped with an integrated navigation system and a powerful motor, it can be launched from deep within Iranian territory, effectively targeting mobile naval units. The system allows for the efficient preparation and launch of multiple missiles with different trajectories from mobile and fixed launchers.

Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri, the commander of the IRGC Navy, emphasized the strategic significance of the new long-range naval cruise missile. According to him, the “Abu Mahdi” will render enemy aircraft carriers ineffective, mandating they remain at least 1,243 miles (2,000 km) away from Iran’s shores. The primary objective of the missile is to prevent adversaries from approaching the Iranian coast.

The “Abu Mahdi” missile, equipped with a dual seeker and immune to electronic warfare, can be fired from vessels or coastal launch pads. Its ability to track multiple targets and strike from different directions makes it an elusive and potent weapon. The missile’s low service ceiling and extensive range make it challenging to follow, further enhancing its effectiveness.

While Iran’s recent missile unveiling is believed to be a response to the actions of the United States in the region, there remain questions about the missiles’ performance in combat, as they have not been tested. Additionally, the claimed AI-guided command and control systems and radar evasion capabilities are yet to be verified.

As the world observes this new development, the “Abu Mahdi” stands as a testament to Iran’s determination to bolster its military capabilities and assert its presence in the global arena.

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