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India Is Building An Underwater Bullet Train Between Ahmedabad And Mumbai

So, if you are a regular commuter between two Indian cities namely Ahmedabad and Mumbai, you soon be able to shorten your time by travelling in the country’s first bullet train, parts of which will be entirely underwater. This ambitious project by the Indian government envisions a modernization campaign for the Indian Railways, most of whose locomotives date back several decades and is overrun by mismanagement, corruption and over-staffing as it is the largest employer in the world with millions and millions of low-wage workers. With this project, a rapid modernization program is going to occur.

Currently, a nonstop train takes more than 7 hours barring constant delays to reach Mumbai from Ahmadabad. The project is going to cost more than 12 billion dollars and the Indian government has already taken the financial help of the Japanese to kick-start the progress on this pioneering project in the world’s largest democracy.

Construction work is expected to start in 2018 and millions of people will use it every year to commute between the two cities. The underwater stretch of the railway line is 21 km and the length is 508 km in total.