Watch The Incredible Landing Of This Emirates A380 In Fierce Crosswinds

You would love to travel all around the world throughout your life until you imagine the kind of accidents that an airplane could get into. Statistically speaking, there is a greater chance of you getting into a car accident than an airplane one,  but one cannot do anything about the fear. Then, there are some amazing pilots that can control the airplane in the worst of crosswinds while leaving most of us amazed.

One such incident happened just this week when an Emirates Airbus A380 was landed successfully amidst a terrible crosswind at the Dusseldorf airport in Germany. The plane was flying, and the scary landing was captured on a video by Martin Bogdan who posted it on YouTube under the username “Cargospotter.”

Bogdan writes in the video description that,

“I have filmed a few thousand crosswind landings at several airports in Europe within the past years, but this Airbus A380 crosswind landing was extremely hard and extraordinary.”

Watch the extraordinary landing yourself.


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  1. James Smith Reply

    He alingned with the runway a fraction too soon but he handled it well. Watch the rudder action, too. He was dancing on the pedals.

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