In February 1950, US Airforce Lost One Nuclear Bomb Until Now. Here Is It’s Story


In February 1950, a US bomber had to crash land because of engine failure. In it’s cargo was a MK IV nuclear bomb. When the US Airforce realized it had lost the nuclear bomb, it initiated the biggest search in history. Until now, the Nuclear Bomb remained lost. Here is the story of the lost bomb.



  1. David Reply

    Hi, I generally like your site but a word of advice, I’m not going to sit and watch a 45 minute video unless you really build my interest. 5 minutes is perfect, 15 minutes is alright I guess but 45 minutes is too long. What you should have done was take the relevant important facts from the video and write an article saying how it was lost, how people searched for it and if/how it was found with maybe the video at the end of the article.

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