In A World-First, A Robot Removed A Cancerous Tumor From A Patient’s Throat

A medical team from Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (GRH) was able to save the life of an elderly man by employing a robot to remove a malignant tumour from his throat.

The procedure was successfully carried out for the first time in the UK by surgeons using a Versius next-generation robot. The patient, Martin Nugent, received a successful oesophagectomy to remove a 6 cm tumour from his oesophagus.

The procedure was conducted by surgeons Simon Higgs and Steve Hornby. The process entailed elevating Nugent’s stomach and attaching it to the oesophagus after removing the tumour.

The Versius robot from CMR Surgical has provided the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital with a cutting-edge medical solution, helping the Trust achieve its goal of creating excellence.

This next-gen surgical robot will simplify the work of doctors by treating an increasing number of patients using minimally invasive techniques, ultimately revolutionising many other surgical areas.

“It’s important to us to use Versius in the hospital so that patients undergoing routine surgeries like cholecystectomy and more complex procedures can benefit from the precision and accuracy of robotic surgery,” said Higgs, one of the surgeons.

Mr. Nugent, 61, is now enjoying a chance at a better life with his wife, Jacqui, daughters, and grandchildren following surgery in July.

“Being given a second chance to see my grandchildren, children, and wife has meant so much to me,” he said. The GRH team saved my life, and I will be eternally thankful to them.

“I was aware that I was the first patient in the country to receive care in this way. It is astonishing really that this kind of thing is happening here in Gloucester, mainly when you think of big cities like London or Manchester or Oxford.

“Last year, I was in so much pain I couldn’t eat any Christmas dinner. I lost three stone in weight quite quickly. I think we’ll make up for it this year, and I’m just so grateful to be given the opportunity to enjoy another Christmas,” he added.

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