Importance Of cPanel In VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the several kinds of web hosting accounts that one can choose to host a website. If you want your website to be published on the Internet, you need to have your website content on a web server.

However, setting up and managing a web server can be both difficult and expensive. Consequently, cPanel offers developers to acquire a space over a web server via a VPS host. The interface cPanel offers makes it easier for the web-builders to steer the direction of their website.

  • An Insight – cPanel

cPanel is one of the common terms in the niche of a web hosting. Whether it is the reseller hosting you are dealing with, or you want to manage the growing traffic needs, cPanel provides you the much-needed boost.

The hosting control panel cPanel or WHM is an easy to use tool used in administrating VPS web hosting. There are numerous other hosting solutions provided by the hosting companies that you can choose as per your preference.

However, if you want to explore a wider range of hosting services with regards to both performance and reliability, you must check out Hostinger. VPS hosting provided by the hosting company syncs perfectly well with the cPanel.

Much as it is important to choose an appropriate hosting provider, it is equally important to choose a good control panel as well. Speaking of which, the quality tools provided by cPanel represents an infinite number of possibilities, through which you can manage a website on a VPS.

It allows you to maneuver your VPS account in any way possible. Apart from that, it also helps you to have server backups, quick server management, server migration, file management, account security, and several more. Check out the most popular features offered by cPanel mentioned below;


This feature allows you to get access to multiple features. It also includes flexibility in creating email accounts, email messaging, delete emails, filter creation, and email filtering. Apart from that, it offers you the automatic spam blocking, email forwarding and much more.

File Management.

The file management feature offers you to manage the entire information of your website over the server. This feature makes file management immensely easy and user-friendly. Other noteworthy options and advantages offered by this feature are; formation of subdomains, multiple domains, disk space data, file backups, FTP server entry rights and so forth.

Domain Management.

This handy feature allows you to manage your domain in just a matter of time. One of the best things about the cPanel is, it gives you the root access control of the website. This user-friendly feature is used to add parked domains, domains, and subdomains with a smooth management.

Script Editing.

Script editing is yet another versatile feature in the cPanel. It allows a user to control online chats, blogs, forums, shopping carts, and various other segments.

Reliable Server Management.

Command line scripts often let you quickly configure, execute commands, and investigate server issues. It is meant for the more advanced users interested in VPS and Dedicated hosting.


  • VPS – Importance

VPS is basically one of the many virtual copies of a server connected to one big architectural machine. It actually mimics the attributes of a dedicated server and cost you less as compared to the dedicated hosting.

Since the VPS service offers you the web hosting solution at a minimum cost possible, it becomes immensely demanding among the startups and small businesses. The data centers that support a VPS hosting are basically a huge storage connected together to create a singular memory machine.

VPS enables a user to manage and store the database on the huge data centers with the help of online servers. These servers help a user to manage their online data. It goes absolutely well with both Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • VPS and cPanle – Correlation

Cost Effective.

Through cPanel you can manage your VPS in any direction you choose. Needless to say, VPS hosting solution is now much cheaper as compared to the past prices. With that being said, the continuous advancement in virtualization technology, VPS is expected to be even less pricey in the coming future.

This is the reason why VPS is considered to be the best hosting option for all kinds of websites. Once you make an official transition to the VPS, you certainly will not roll back. cPanel makes it extremely easy to configure the settings of a VPS server.

Thanks to its user-friendly graphical interface, you can manage your website as easily as possible. Though there are several other control panels as well that you can choose, but cPanel is known to be most reliable for all kinds of users.

  • cPanel – Advantages

This control panel is worldwide accepted for its robust performance and reliability. Following are the advantages that led it to worldwide acceptance;

  1.  Spectacular Compatibility.
  2.  Portable and user-friendly.
  3.  Easy to afford.
  4.  Stacked up with several features.
  5. Based on the intellectual and intuitive concept.

Understanding the features that the cPanel provides you, gives you a definite advantage. It can be used in innovative ways and with a reliable sense of intuitiveness. Once you grasp the features it has, you will gain a better user-experience in both website and server management.


While market offers you several solutions for hosting control panels, cPanel is known to be the best choice of the developers. This open-source tool helps you in building websites and configuring server settings more easily.

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