Would The President Of The United States Survive A Plane Crash? Here Is The Answer

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With all the money and attention going into making POTUS as safe as possible, you would think that the man would have the highest probability of survival than any other person traveling via air. But still, a plane crash can never be ruled out so the event, no matter how unlikely, begs the question: Would the President of the United States be able to survive a plane crash?

There is no evidence of a super secret pod that could be used to take off the President. Therefore, the answer is quite obvious;; the President would most probably be made to jump out of the plane with a parachute.

Pic Credits: Washington Star News

Opening the door in a pressurized cabin would result in everything to start going out of the door uncontrollably, so the cabin would need to be depressurized first.

After that, the pilots would need to reduce the flight altitude to a safer level, below 10,000 feet. The air above this level doesn’t have enough oxygen for an average human being to survive. Jumping out would obviously be impossible if the plane is wobbling uncontrollably, so the plane needs to be stabilized as well which is an arduous task indeed if it is blown up or is malfunctioning.

Assuming that everything goes according to the plan, the doors can be unlatched, and a secret services agent can attach the president to himself and jump off the plane with a parachute, known as tandem parachuting.

Pic Credits: Washington Star News

This routine was practiced back in 2012, where a Boeing 727 was deliberately crashed for study purposes. The flight crew was made to parachute out of the aircraft from 5000 feet before the aircraft was taken over by a remote control onto the crash point.

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