This Is How Ice Cream Is Made Commercially

Ice cream making

Companies usually hesitate in exposing their manufacturing process to the general public due to the fear of their processes getting stolen or someone spotting a discrepancy. But this Nigerian company was bold enough to lay it all out as they made a super informative video on the behind the scenes action of making the sugary goodness that is ice cream.

The video shows how the process begins with the ice cream’s most basic form as a mixture of cream and milk, sugar and eggs, which are frozen before being churned to create a frozen product. The mega plant focuses on their strict health standards while flaunting their massive machines used to add stabilizers, such as plant gums while pasteurizing and homogenizing the mixture. Then comes the process of adding flavors that can range from vanilla to fruit or other flavors and pieces of candy.

The final step is putting the entire mixture in a freezer while mixing it using paddles or dashers and combining air to keep the ice crystals at a minimum and allow perfect freezing to create a smooth, creamy-textured ice cream.

Watch the video below to watch the action!

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