Hyundai Has Resurrected Its 1986 Grandeur – And It Is All-Electric Now


Hyundai must be nostalgic in 2021 since it is bringing back another retro concept. Hyundai has unveiled a second Heritage Series model, following the April unveiling of the Pony electric restomod.

This time, Hyundai’s designers and engineers were inspired by the first-generation Grandeur. As a result, Hyundai has decided to revisit the luxury sedan, first introduced in 1986 by celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.

“Restomod” is the newest version of Hyundai’s heritage series, which honors the history of each of the company’s famous and most popular vehicles while also bringing a futuristic design.

The Heritage Series Grandeur was unveiled in Korea last week after eight months of meticulous planning, with an unspecified all-electric powertrain consisting of a battery and a motor that replaces the internal combustion engine.

The project was led by Hyundai Motor’s internal design team, which is understandable given that most of the changes made to the car are under the surface.

First, let’s take a look at what’s new on the outside. While the Hyundai’s newest restomod retains the 1986 Grandeur’s boxy profile, numerous details have been updated, including the sleek mesh grille and trim, flat wheel covers, moldings, and side-view mirrors. The most visible difference is in the lights, which have Ioniq 5-like LED pixel-like clusters at both ends.

These exterior modifications help make the car eye-catching and modern, but the cabin is the focal point of the entire look. Again, the old and new coexist harmoniously, including the single-spoke steering wheel and mechanical gear knobā€”both of which have been re-trimmed to match the rest of the cabin.

The burgundy velvet upholstery, and the silver metal with black glossy shades, are both eye-catching and are reminiscent of the 1980s. Velvet was considered a high-quality material comparable to Alcantara and Nappa leather when the first Grandeur was released. Leather is found on the back of the seats rather than the front and the center console and door panels.

In addition, the dashboard has an ultra-wide display, which is supplemented by a vertical touchscreen at the bottom of the center console. Features like a watch storage slot, a throttle gear selector, different driving modes, and air conditioning indicate a luxury vehicle. It also includes a digital piano created in collaboration with the musical instrument manufacturer Samick.

The interior lighting is simply breathtaking, with infinity mirrors emitting bronze-colored light similar to that found in vintage audio gear. The 18-speaker, 4-way sound system with a mid-woofer, main woofer, and mid-range speakers has a high-end furniture look, as does the dashboard and center console trim.

Hyundai says it will not stop with the Heritage Series projects; the Galloper SUV is next for a contemporary revamp.


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