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HYT H3 Watch Uses Hydro-Mechanical Movements To Show Time And Costs $291,000

Baselworld 2015 featured the HYT’s third installment of the hydro-mechanical movement known as H3. This watch has opted for a linear portrayal of time instead of the traditional circular portrayal.

The watch incorporates conventional watch movements along with two bellows that are responsible for pushing coloured liquid into a capillary. The approach is challenging, unique and requires a very detailed manipulation of the conventional mechanism of the watches thus imparting visuals that are stunning and accurate.

Unlike its predecessors, the H3 forces the liquid in a straight line while making use of a rotating, 4-faced dial in collaboration with an articulated arm to tell minutes. The left bellow has been placed at the top section of the case from where it forces the colored liquid, based on water, into the straight capillary. The other bellow, located on the right, works by having the other translucent fluid fall back in the tube. After six hours, the system works backwards and the subsequent energy is consumed in turning the 4-faced dial located below.

The case has been created from PVD-coated titanium and satin-finished platinum. The case measures 2.4×1.6×0.63 in. The case is also water resistant up to a depth of 98 ft. It comes with a power reserve indicator located at the rear, while the manual winding caliber offers a 170-hr power reserve.

Only 25 pieces of H3 will be made and they will be launched in September this year. A single unit of H3 has been priced at $290,000. Watch the video below for more!