Hyperloop Technologies In Talks With The Indian Government To Start Trial Runs


Hyperloop Transportation Technologies are looking to expand into one of the largest global markets to perform their trial runs: India.

The concept, first pitched by billionaire Elon Musk, has been turned into a reality by the HTT, which looks eager to make it a reality around the world. And its top executives are now looking to capture the resource-rich Indian market to launch trails for their high-speed transportation technology.

Currently, the company is seeking a formal approval from the Indian government. Bibop G Gresta, chairman Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc (HTT), told FactorDaily,

Pic Credits: HyperLoop

“The proposal is on Mr. [Nitin] Gadkari’s (Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India) table. We are ready. I have already had talks with Prime Minister Modi and Gadkari.”

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HTT’s interest in India can also be explained by the fact that Gadkari themselves invited the company to India during his September visit to U.S. visit and offered a large land area in Pune city, which is about 118 kilometers away from Mumbai. The current hypothetical plan includes India using the high-speed, helping cut down the travel time between Mumbai and Nagpur to roughly 30 minutes, which currently takes about 14 hours using the current 800 km railway network.

Pic Credits: HyperLoop

Gresta added,

“The world is watching you guys (India). This can be the greatest opportunity or the biggest disaster. Only history will tell.”

For more information, visit Hyperloop India’s official page.

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