Hyper-Realistic Fighter Jet Crash Simulation Causes Panic In The US

The Air Force issued an explanation after the radio communications of the simulated crash were intercepted and left the authorities in worry of a real fighter jets collision.

The hyper-realistic simulation of fighter jets had a collision during the exercise, however, that was confused with a real air accident of fighter aircraft when the crash was informed over the radio communications.

The intercepted radio communications of a fighter jet crash were reported by War Zone on 22nd May 2021. A radio interceptor monitoring the area stated as follows.

“I was listening to airmobile exercise MOBILITY GUARDIAN. About 20 minutes ago, two aircraft had a mid-air collision. VIPER 12 reported that he had a collision with his flight lead and was departing to the west. VIPER 11 referenced as the “unlucky jet” and HERK 12 took to the scene to take command for the “downed jet” situation. OILER 72 (a KC-10) took control shortly after so HERK 12 could depart. Those aircraft are visible on ADSB. Crash coordinates listed as Bullseye 190 @ 186, so if bullseye is Duluth, that would put the crash in the VOLK WEST MOA.”

The media outlet acquired further audio which had Viper 12 stating of a mid-air collision with his flight lead and thought the other pilot had to eject. Viper 12 confirmed that his jet’s functioning was also compromised and had to take the route for an emergency landing.

Later it was found that no actual crash or collision took place as in reality, the intercepted radio communications belonged to a hyper-realistic exercise that saw the mid-air accident of two fighter aircraft. The public affair’s spokesperson, Major Mark Graff confirmed that an actual crash hasn’t taken place.

Although the simulation was so on point that it also included the response which had tankers and transports reacting to the crash site. The source of the confusion was termed the absence of a notification for the simulated exercise.

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