Have You Ever Wondered What Will You Become In Next 1000 Years? This Video Has The Answer

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that humans have not stopped evolving. You may say that the process has been propelled to the speed of a roller coaster ride by science. Maybe, global warming is changing the surface area of the human body for sustaining more fluids. Whatever you may say, one thing is for sure that this process of evolution is inevitable. Did you know that the amount of milk we can drink throughout our lifetime, called lactose tolerance, evolved about 10,000 years ago? In the past 150 years, the average height of a human being has increased by 10 centimeters. The lifespan of all the humans around the globe in the past 65 years has grown by 20 years collectively.

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The human evolution may be attributed to the breakthroughs in all the fields of science. National Geographic Channel’s ‘Breakthrough‘ is all about that. So if human evolution is an ongoing process, what would humans look like in another 1000 years from now? Let’s find out!

The first and foremost change would be humans becoming Transhumans. The nanotechnology would not only shape what kind of computers we use, but they will just become a part of our bodies while boosting our immune system. The University of Oregon is currently working on bionic eyes to help blind people see. In the long run, these technologies will no longer be limited to be used by the specially-abled individuals only. Even the normal humans will have Super-Vision. Fancy, isn’t it?

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Gene mutation may also affect eye colors and unique abilities. There are already documented cases of people who have developed the ability to digest any material, even the metal. The case of Tetrachromacy, the people who have the potential to see 100 more colors than the rest of us. Don’t forget that case of HIV resistant DNA in African children. Artificial Selection will also help us to alter the DNA of babies before birth to enhance the immunity while cultivating other desirable features as well.

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As we all anticipate, next step of evolution will be living on Mars. Life on Mars would most definitely affect the way we live. The lack of light and gravity on Mars will evolve humans to have bigger pupils and more heights. The talks of immortality are not too farfetched as well. If you have seen ‘Transcendence,‘ the AI-based movie, you might have a rough idea how AI will revolutionize our evolution process. For more details, watch the video below.



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