This Humanoid Robot Can Work Out Like Humans And Even Sweats

The world of robotics is moving at a very fast pace and we see a new research every other week. JSK Lab at the University of Tokyo has made another breakthrough and the engineering team has manufactured a humanoid robot, Kengoro, that has the ability to cool itself after exerting itself in a manner similar to that of humans.

This scary combination of AI and robotics has now manufactured a robot that has the ability to sweat. When we exert ourselves, our muscles heat up and sweat to cool down. Researchers and engineers have now introduced the same cooling mechanism in a robot.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

The Kengoro robot can do things like pushups, squats and even crunches probably much better than most human beings. When the robot exerts itself, the parts heat up and the engineers employ the same method to cool it down as humans.

It sounds simple enough but has a complex system behind it. The robot has the ability to let water seep through its frame around the motors and cool them via evaporation. Kengoro has a full humanoid exoskeleton, muscles and tendons that resemble that of a human being. Kengoro also likes to play badminton apart from working out and has a nice swing.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

The humanoid robot has some other notable features which include standing on its toes and the ability to move its head around. This robot will serve as the future of bionics based on the human body. One thing they can probably work on is the robot’s expression. Looking at its face, it is hard to tell if he’s smiling or secretly planning to kill you.

You can watch Kengoro in action in the video below:

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