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Human Regenerator Device Stops The Process Of Ageing In Your Body


German luxury high-tech company, System4 Technologies Gmbh, has produced an anti-ageing device which rejuvenates users and keeps them young and fresh.

The module is a Quantum-Pulse-Device which imitates the body’s dominant natural frequencies and generates longitudinal waves of the same frequency. The company calls the technology behind this futuristic device “Quantum-Cell-Code”. The technique involves using silicon and aluminium deposits that enhance the treatment, along with the right spinning protons and provide an anti-ageing effect. The module weighs 128 kg and can easily hold a full grown adult.

The Human Regenerator will only be available on order and the company will make only 50 versions every year. The cost for this ultimate luxury device is a hefty $557,000. For those buyers who want something a little more exclusive, the company has produced three limited editions i.e Diamond Human Regenerator that is studded by 6880 carats (about 1.4 kg) of small diamonds. The 172,000 diamonds have been painstakingly fixed by the jewelers, Koch & Bergfeld. The price of the limited edition piece is a mind-boggling $9.8 million, which makes the original model look really cheap.

The Human Regenerator is a device that is far ahead of its time and with the price tags on both versions, it will only be available to the elite few of the world. Hopefully this technology will be available for the masses sometime in the future and the common man will be able to enjoy its benefits.

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