Watch This Human Inkjet Printer Create A Portrait With 3 Million Hand-Drawn Dots In 300 Hours


David Bayo created an impressive Astree portrait using a painstaking stipple technique. He spent 300 hours on a single piece of art and created the masterpiece with 3 million individual dots. That is indeed a lot of time and effort spent on a single art piece.

The technique Bayo used is similar to the one used in inkjet printers. Except that the dots created by Epson are smaller than the size a human eye can perceive. A printer can produce an image like this within a minute. Unlike the 12 plus days that the artist took.  However, comparing the cost of man-hours to the cost of printer ink, drawing 3 million dots by hands is cheaper in the long run. Based on worth, the hand-drawn portrait is much more expensive than the one printed from the printer.

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