This Huge Tree House Was Made From The Trunk Of A Giant Redwood

The giant sequoias and redwood trees from California are one of the most massive tree species in the world with their trunks large enough to serve as human dwellings. In fact, the largest tree in the world regarding girth and weight is situated in the Sequoia National Park in California, and a truck can easily fit inside its massive trunk. Now many of these trees are thousands of years old, and law strictly forbids to cut them down. However, with their sheer size, many do fall into the ground due to some natural circumstances, and then people get the permission to work on them.

California One Log House2 California One Log House

This giant redwood was about 2,100 years old and 42 tons in mass before it was converted into a horizontal tree trunk house. However, such a huge tree would have been impossible to move around without making it hollow and getting rid of as much wood as possible. Initially, it took two men and eight months to carve it from inside. It was then propped on a trailer truck and traveled around the country as a tourist attraction. Must have been an amazing sight to see it like that but it wasn’t easy to move it around. Now, it is displayed in Garberville, California, and you can pay $1 rent to step inside and take a tour.

California One Log House4 California One Log House5 California One Log House6

Once you step inside, the smell of the tree is very nice and charming, and the giant hollow trunk gives the impression of a large tunnel. Although it isn’t large, still it feels cozy due to the natural woodwork along the walls. It is seven feet high and thirty-two feet long. The house is quite old and has been at the final resting place since 1999. The interior comprises of a kitchen, a dining area, two beds, and a minuscule washroom. Since it was built decades ago, the interior needs a little revamp. An amazing tourist attraction indeed!

However, those who are wishing to spend a night in ‘One Log House,’ it is not currently allowed so you will have to satisfy yourself only with a small tour. Still worth it, isn’t it?

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  1. Ginny Reply

    Back in the 1950s something, saw a mobile home at the New York State Fair made from a sequoia tree. It was so huge.

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