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Huawei Responds To The US Ban By Taking Up A Legal Battle

Huawei also took legal arms against the US on Wednesday this week. As per Huawei, the ban imposed on it by the federal government of the US is unconstitutional. The trade tensions between the US and China are on the rise, and Huawei is taking the brunt of it!

The US officials are scared that the Chinese telecom giant has developed technology that can enable it to be used as a tool by the Chinese government for espionage against the Americans. The recent legislation that bans US government agencies from purchasing or using Huawei equipment really exacerbated things. The Chinese company has filed a lawsuit against the US government.

The lawsuit is focused particularly on the law that is named as The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA defines the budget and policies of the US Department of Defense and of the agencies that operate under the umbrella of DoD. President Trump signed the law stating exclusively that the use of Huawei equipment or services will not be allowed for federal agencies or any of their contractors.

Song Liuping is Huawei’s Chief Legal Officer and said during a press conference held in Shenzhen on Wednesday that the US is making use of its legislative action for putting the company out of business. He says that it is something that has ‘almost never seen in history.’ He further stated that the US has no evidence to back up its claims, ‘There is no gun. No smoke. Only speculation.’ It was during this press conference that Huawei told about the motion that has been filed in the Eastern District of Texas court for summary judgment of its case against the US.

The situation worsened when the US Department of Commerce added Huawei to its trade blacklist. This renders company unable to purchase any parts from American companies. This led to Huawei losing the support of Google. According to Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei, the company is ‘fully prepared’ for a clash with the US. What do you think?

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