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Huawei Has Developed Its Own OS By The Name Of Hongmeng To Rival Android

Huawei CEO Richard Yu had stated in March that the company had come up with its own operating system, known as Hongmeng, considering the situation that was developing in the US. As it happens, it appears that Huawei was right since the US has added Huawei and its affiliates to its trade blacklist, thus causing Google to end support for Huawei.

As reported by Wonderful Engineering earlier, this implies that Android will no longer be donned by Huawei future gadgets and the existing ones will be losing the support from Google, including any security updates etc. This means that Hongmeng will be the primary operating software that Huawei will be using for its devices.

With Google ceasing the software support for the Huawei devices, there will be no more EMUI updates. The operating system by Huawei, Hongmeng, had been undergoing development since 2012. As per a source, the company had been using the operating system in its mobile phones – hidden behind the curtain.

There is no confirmation as to whether Hongmeng will be the official name of the operating system or not. It might be a codename for the operating system as well. However, what has been confirmed is that Huawei has its own operating system that is ready to cater to its customers who will be abandoned by Google.

Huawei still has to comment on this, and we are not sure when the operating system will be revealed and rolled out. However, with Google banning Huawei and ceasing its services; we know that the customers who own Huawei gadgets are in a state of panic as to what will happen to their devices. The news of Huawei’s own operating system, Hongmeng, come as a relief to all those.

What do you think of this? Do you think Trump administration is being too harsh on China’s tech giant? Do let us know!