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This New Bird-Inspired Residence Is Spreading Its Wings In Costa Rica

Amsterdam-based architectural office zU-studio has captured the essence of Costa Rica’s avian paradise with their remarkable creation, Project N2. Perched atop a hill overlooking the scenic Santa Teresa beach, this residential property takes the form of a majestic bird in flight, showcasing the perfect blend of artistry and nature.

Costa Rica, renowned for its abundant bird species, draws bird enthusiasts from around the world. With over 80 varieties of birds soaring through its skies, it’s no wonder zU-studio sought to encapsulate the country’s natural wonders in their architectural masterpiece. Project N2’s design is a testament to its strong connection with nature, drawing inspiration from a local bird gliding gracefully above the sea.

At first glance, Project N2’s striking roof resembles the outstretched wings of a bird. Crafted from a lightweight framework, the roof features overlapping platforms arranged at varying heights. These platforms allow the play of natural light, filtering through the gaps and creating captivating patterns within the residence.

Furthermore, this innovative design promotes cross-ventilation, ensuring a constant flow of fresh air. Several of the platforms extend outward, forming expansive terraces that offer panoramic views of the lush surroundings.

To maximize the natural beauty of the location, zU-studio opted for a circular architectural design for Project N2. The house gracefully rises to a height of seven meters at its central point and seamlessly merges with the gentle slopes of the terrain, adorned with vibrant flowers. This integration with the natural landscape enhances the harmonious relationship between the residence and its surroundings.

The layout of Project N2 thoughtfully encompasses both private and communal spaces, all meticulously planned to provide an immersive living experience. On the ground floor, residents and guests are welcomed by a connected living space, a central courtyard, and a well-appointed kitchen. The rear of the structure features an atelier, adding versatility to the space.

Three private bedrooms on this level offer breathtaking sea views, while an open semi-circular terrace platform showcases a refreshing pool, allowing for direct access to different areas of the ground floor. Ascending to the first floor reveals the master bedrooms, each boasting private terraces that seamlessly connect with the roof platforms, offering a serene retreat amidst the breathtaking vistas.

“Costa Rica is one of the most interesting countries to watch many types of different birds fly, there are more than 80 species flying around,” said the firm. “The house is inspired by a local bird that is overlooking the horizon imagining patiently where to fly next. It is a celebration of the moment when it takes off by moving her wings. We wanted to find a simple but, at the same time, original way of building that fits into this particular context. A systematic way of building that creates simplicity and elegance, while generating new and fresh situations both inside and outside the house.”

Even though you might think this unusual project won’t happen, a representative from zU-studio told us that construction is planned to start in September.

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