How YouTube Is Dominating The Future Especially For Younger Generations

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Admit it; as a result of tech advancements and the internet, our lives have become better. What looked like an arduous task 2 decades ago feels like a walk in the park these days. Right now, the world is a global village with billions of people connecting on social media platforms. 

With several platforms out there, you may begin to wonder which one stands out, particularly for the younger generation who are always with their smartphones? The answer is YouTube. The name already rings a bell and you may have used the platform before if you’re using it at the moment. 

This article will discuss why and how YouTube is the future of entertainment, learning, and otherwise for Gen-Z. 

  1. 2.3 Billion Users 

YouTube is a heavyweight in terms of garnering terms of popularity and usage. According to a recent statistic, the video-sharing platform boasts 2.3 billion faithful over the world. A huge record for that matter. It also holds the record as the second most popular social media platform after Facebook. About 80% of internet users have an active YouTube account.  

We all know that Gen-Z currently regards Facebook as ‘old school.’ In the distant future, we can deduce that YouTube may overtake Facebook in terms of popularity. Why? YouTube is so accessible to anyone. You don’t need to an account on the platform to view content uploaded there. 

With the current stats, YouTube is already of huge value to digital marketers and social media influencers looking to launch a product or offer services to teeming followers. 

If you’re planning to gain exposure and grow your brand, buying YouTube subscribers is the best decision to make. As people stumble on your channel and see the active subscribers there, they’d be naturally inclined to subscribe as well. 

There are many potentials for the younger generation to showcase their skills and abilities on the platform as millions of people visit there daily. 

  1. YouTube is a Popular Search Engine 

YouTube doesn’t only flex muscles as the second-most-popular social media platform in the world. It is also the second-most-popular search engine in the world, under Google. And the reason isn’t so farfetched. 

Millions of people visit search engines for answers to some of their pressing questions. And they want to see someone showing them how it’s done. That’s because most people now rely on visual content. It is not surprising when people search for content on Google, there’s a recommendation to watch the content on YouTube. 

As a popular search engine where people can look for and watch content, YouTube has positioned itself as an impressive platform for the younger generation to utilize. 

  1. YouTube is Available in Several Countries and Languages 

Apart from the fact that YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms and search engines, it holds more records that interest the younger generation. The video-sharing platform is available in over 100 countries. In fact, most of the videos uploaded on YouTube aren’t in English. 

This typically means that is YouTube is also available in different languages as well including English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, and many more. This makes the platform inclusive for several users the world over. 

What’s more interesting is that users of those countries can upload content for not people who understand their languages but for others interested in what they have to offer. This increases engagement on all fronts. 

  1. Frontier for Business

As the video-sharing platform continues to gain dominance on the internet, businesses and corporate organizations have launched their channels there. A compelling report already shows that over 60% of businesses in the world use YouTube to post visual content to their real YouTube subscribers

While YouTube has remained a platform for the individual viewing experience, it has been an impressive medium for business execs and online entrepreneurs to market their goods and services and communicate with potential and existing customers. They can also use the platform to receive feedback on how to improve their products and services even better. 

These days, uploading content on the platform requires anyone to have a device with excellent camera quality and video editing software to match.

With the global exposure YouTube presents, one can easily see why businesses are now setting up accounts on the platform. 

YouTube also allows business to tweak their channels to reflect their brand style and identity. Thus, the younger generation sees YouTube as a destination for viewing content and implementing marketing strategies for their various business. And that’s a good thing. 

  1. Mobile-Friendly 

On average, we spend more time viewing content on our smartphones these days than ever before. It’s no surprise when people love reading and watching content on their smartphones than their PCs. 

YouTube is dominating on that front because the developers have tweaked the platform to be more mobile-friendly than ever. Noticeably, more than 70% of YouTube watch time is done with a mobile device. 

Thus, if you want to take advantage of the situation, you should streamline and optimize your content for mobile viewers. It would help if you also tracked your analytics to see what videos are watched more and improve your content with the next upload. 

  1. Products and Brands Discovery

As earlier stated, YouTube has proven to be an impressive marketing tool for entrepreneurs, brand influencers, and digital marketers to upload and promote a product or service. In fact, about 90% of people agree that they discovered a new product on the video-sharing platform. 

The younger generation can develop creative content that will pool millions of viewers and get people interested in a service or product. They can also carve a niche for themselves in a particular field and make money off it. 


The video-sharing platform is one of the best social media platforms for video consumption. It has set itself to become a significant platform connecting people from across the world. Thus, if you’ve ever thought about showcasing your skills to a broader audience or promoting a product or service. 

In terms of longevity, YouTube is one platform that will be here for a long time. The younger generations should take advantage of the benefits mentioned above to create for their brands and businesses.

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