How to Watch the Best TV Shows Even If They’re Not Available In Your Country

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Even as the COVID-19 pandemic rocks the world to its very foundations, and countless industries and companies go to the wall, there is one sector that is doing very well indeed, chiefly down to the fact that what they have to offer has never been more ideal.

In most areas around the globe just the sheer act of venturing outside is restricted, or perhaps even forbidden. People are now learning to work from home and adjust to the new ‘normal’. 

Cinemas and theatres, and sporting events, are now pretty much a thing of the past or can’t be attended in person. Into this world we’ve seen the resurgence and continued uptick in the use of TV streaming services such as those offered by Netflix, and Disney +. If you are in living or traveling to Germany, you can now get Hulu in Germany by using a VPN service, read this guide to know how.

The act of binge watching our favorite shows has never been so popular and it’s in many ways the comfort food for a world population desperately seeking a distraction from the coronavirus that has so shaken our lives.

A secondary issue related to this market has however also become an abundant issue, and that’s the access people have to specific shows and content providers. For a number of reasons certain broadcasts may not be viewable in your territory, this could be down to rights issues related to local providers or even due to a restriction placed by an authoritarian government. 

Luckily there is a solution.

VPN services, another industry proving vastly successful over the past nine year, offer you the chance to mask and alter your IP address, fooling most relevant providers that you are indeed in the relevant area required to view a certain show, live sports broadcast or film.

The likes of ExpressVPN, NordVPN and are selling subscriptions by the million to those looking to make use of their services. 

Most of these services work in just about any region imaginable, indeed even proving effective in such areas where dedicated governmental organizations seek to restrict them, such as in China and North Korea where there are efforts to restrict the media viewable by their citizens.

Some restrictions are less nefarious in so much as a local broadcaster may well have the rights to screen a show, and demands a premium fee for a viewer to do so, and this leaves a viewer with the option of choosing to use a VPN in order to view for a reduced fee in a different location or in some cases entirely for free.

The home viewing experience was clearly already a vastly popular industry, with new streaming services popping up seemingly every month, and this will only increase in the coming years and in many ways the current pandemic has only served to prove that entertainment garnered from within the residential unit is one pastime that will grow and grow.

The number of shows being produced, across a variety of platforms, is increasing exponentially and this means in any given week a new must-view event occurs, with an ever growing audience clawing to view in whatever way possible.

As the pandemic continues to take hold, any opportunity to secure some much-needed relief should be firmly grabbed with both hands. The respite offered by some light entertainment, a quality film or an exciting sports event is very much a chance to escape from the perils of today and offers many the chance to soldier onwards to a better place mentally and clearly there no one would begrudge such an opportunity to secure some happiness in these dark times.
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