How To Stop Windows 10 Tracking With The Help Of An App

windows 10 avoid tracking

Windows 10 has been out for eight months, and it has been rumored to stalk your location and do other privacy invasions by default. While some of these claims are quite ridiculous, it is fair to say that each newer generation of Windows takes a lot more user information than the previous one. Windows 10 has been shown in the news to be tracking location, collecting metadata on you and even upload Wi-Fi password for your friends!

Now the anti-incursion movement agree that companies like Microsoft don’t usually respect user’s privacy, and it is up to the user to demand it from them. Windows 10 however and its tracking features can be blocked straight from the setup of the new platform. So, the user does have control over their fate, unlike other platforms that snoop in without warning. So, even if Microsoft doesn’t respect your privacy by default, it lets you choose your destiny. If you didn’t know about this option on setup, you could still use this basic open-source app to help regain your privacy on your device.

The app is promptly named as Disable Windows 10 tracking and according to its developer Syed Qazi, the fear of tracking is more than justified, and that was his inspiration behind this app. It can disable Telemetry collection and certain Windows services that help you track your presence. You can also view the open-source code on GutHub as well.

After getting support from Reddit, Qazi eventually transformed his rough Python code into the current stand-alone app he made available to the public. Now he wants to improve it further so that little or none tracking features are left to deal with.

But, we must say that use it at your own risk. The app has seen very regular upgrades, but even then we cannot fully endorse it at this level. Problems have been known to creep up in apps preventing tracking.


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