How To Protect Your Car From Sun And Heat 

The heat of the sun affects us all, even our cars. You might be hiding your vehicle in the safety of the garage during the winter and harsh weather. But during the summer, do you know that the heat can take a toll on the interior and exterior of your car? 

But by taking some preventative measures, you can protect the condition of your vehicle during the summer season. And so, here are six tips worth considering:

  1. Apply Window Tints 

Window tinting has been a subject of curiosity since aside from giving your car’s appearance a boost, it’s also known to block the sun’s heat. According to experts, tinting can do that because it can help block thermal rays responsible for rising temperatures within your car’s interior.

It’s believed that window tints can block 99% of the sun’s heat and UV rays. This can help make the car’s interior cooler and more comfortable, even on warmer days. This, in return, could be beneficial in cutting down on gas consumption, as the use of your car’s air-conditioning system is minimized. A tint on your windshield can also help reduce the glare from the sun while driving. 

With all that said, getting your car tinted can go a long way. Consider requesting a window tint from your local machine shop like Rm windowtint to keep the sun, heat, and ultraviolet rays at bay.  

  1. Park In The Shade 

Perhaps, parking in the shade is one of the simplest ways to get your car protected and shielded away from the direct heat and impact of the sun. However, finding a shade to park in may not be easy as it sounds. And in some cases, there’s really no choice but to leave them in an open parking lot. 

And that said, if you can take a minute or two searching for a shady spot where you can park your car, do so. However, if it seems really impossible, consider getting a cover for your car and use it at times when you know you’ll be parking it under the sun for a little longer.

  1. Wash And Dry Your Car Thoroughly 

Your car collects dust, debris, dead insects, and minerals whenever you drive it. The longer they stay on the surface of your car, the more the sun can react with these elements, which may cause the fading of car paint in random areas of your vehicle.  

For that reason, consider washing your car frequently. Opt for a car shampoo that’s specially formulated for vehicle surfaces instead of a regular laundry detergent, and use a microfiber cloth to dry and wipe away the leftover grime manually. You can also choose to wrap your car when not in use to help with its maintenance.  

  1. Wax The Surface And Seal The Paint 

Sealants and waxes are not only formulated to make your car exterior shiny and appealing. They also have a unique formulation that can help protect your car from various elements. The application of waxes and sealants also adds a layer to the clear coat. It helps seal the car paint from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and different elements.

But how often do you need to apply a coat of wax on your car? Preferably regularly, which is every few months. 

  1. Protect Your Tires 

The sun’s heat can also influence the condition of your car tires. Their grip on the ground generally affects how smooth and safe your drive will be. However, the sun and the heat may take away the tires’ properties that ensure it has enough friction on the road. Overexposure to the sun can also rot and unwrap the tires over time.

Whether you’re using affordable or expensive tires, you’d want to maintain them well and make them last. You can keep your tires durable by cleaning them regularly. Use a commercial protectant to coat the tire against the summer heat. It can also help delay drying when your tires are tidy and protected. You can manually clean them or head to an automatic carwash to get a thorough cleaning for tires.  

  1. Install Windshield Protectors 

The front part of your car is usually the first to experience high heat, especially when you’re driving in the sun’s direction or parking in an open area. The car’s dashboard and the steering wheel will most likely suffer from this, with the material covering them, such as leather, could crack.  

That said, it’s crucial to have windshield protectors for cars with windshields that are not tinted. It helps block the sun and keep the car steering wheel cool. And to further maintain its upkeep, you can also wipe the dashboard clean with a microfiber cloth, polish it to keep it shiny, and use dash covers to protect the surface. 

Wrapping Up

There are various measures you can take to ensure you can protect the condition and appearance of your car from the sun and heat. These preventative ways are generally simple and don’t require you to splurge to keep your car in good condition. 

Following these measures could also save you hundreds of dollars on repairs. It can also help you keep and use your vehicle for years and years.  

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