How To Make Print Sustainable

You use a lot of printed material but want to reduce your impact on the environment? It is possible! Want to know how you can make your printing sustainable? Read on!

Think about other paper types

There are many types of paper available today. There are now sustainable paper types such as growth paper, elephant dung paper, beer paper, biotop paper and compost paper. These types of paper are of good quality and suitable to be used as a sustainable alternative.

Start brainstorming

It is very important to start brainstorming on how to reduce the impact of your printing. A good way to start is to work with post-its. With post-its, you can easily put keywords on paper and post them on the wall in an orderly manner.

Start with proofs

To see what kind of paper works, it is best to make proofs. With a proof, you can easily test whether the paper is really suitable for printing. After the test prints, it will be clear to you which paper type works best for your printed matter.

Go eco flyer

You can use eco flyers to promote your sustainable goals. You can order eco flyers in different sizes and quantities, which allows you to maintain favorable proportions. You can hand out eco flyers on busy places, but also put them through the letterbox of people’s homes. This way you promote your sustainable business in an easy way.

Hand out business cards

You can also have business cards design created using a business card maker or printed on sustainable paper. With a sustainable business card you give your contact information to potential customers and you also show that you keep the impact on the environment low.

Print QR codes on your printed material

Some printed products are suitable for printing QR codes. The advantage of these codes is that you can go to the site with your own mobile phone via the QR code. In this way, new customers do not have to fiddle around with typing in a site, but can go directly to the site via the QR code. Very handy.

So get to work right away and reduce your impact on the environment as quickly as possible.

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