How To Introduce Technology To Your Horse Barn

Digital transformations have revolutionized every industry, and it was a matter of time before modern technology became part of barn management. Technological innovations have slowly transformed the horse world with solutions that make it easier for horse owners and improve horse health and safety. Several devices designed to improve the horse-riding experience are also available. Below are a few ways of introducing technology to your equestrian world.

1.     Smart Barn Technologies

If you’ve heard of or tried the smart home concept, you’ll certainly love smart barn technologies. Smart barn technologies have made it easier for horse owners to manage their barns. Like smart home technologies, these apps simplify several barn tasks. Key features include record maintenance, horse stall occupation, and feeding and treatment schedule. Smart barn apps also simplify communications with other equestrians. However, you’ll need an experienced barn builder to enjoy these technologies on your farm.

2.     Manage Horse Health

Modern technologies have also made it easier for owners to manage horse health. Keeping track of your horses’ health data can prove challenging, especially if you own many. If you’ve been struggling with this, mobile apps like Hippovibe can ease your challenges. These apps keep horse health data in a single place, regardless of the number.

You can keep track of horses with special feeding needs and schedule foot trimming and vet appointments. Similarly, if you feel stuck and need to learn more about your horses, the Horse Side Vet Guide app is your go-to platform for all queries.

3.     A New Type of Horseshoe

Finding the right horseshoe is a challenge for most horse owners. Fortunately, technological advances in 3D printing can solve this problem. Initially, 3D printing was used to print plastic items and human tissues. However, with advancing technology, 3D printing can now be used to customize horseshoes and create casts and prosthetic legs for injured horses.

4.     Solving Blanket Issues

Unfortunately, your horses can’t report if they are cold or warm, making it difficult to know if they need a blanket or not. Solving this problem is Horsepal, a wearable device that attaches to the underneath of the horse blanket. Horsepal promptly monitors your horses’ vital signs, specifically temperature and sweating. The device also predicts your location’s weather forecast and sends an alert if your horse needs clothing.

5.     Automated Manure Remover

Cleaning a horse barn is probably what most people don’t like about horse ownership. Manure removal is tedious and time-consuming, especially if you have a herd. As such, horse owners should find an efficient manure management system that doesn’t come by easily. Fortunately, advancing technology has made it possible to automate manure removal.

Modern devices, including the HIT Active Stable, can efficiently clean surfaces in your horse ban. These are robots equipped with a camera and sensors that detect manure and dirt on horse barn surfaces. It collects and unloads waste into designated piles.


Horse owners can leverage many other farm technologies to improve their equestrian world. Like in other industries, equine technology has become affordable and widely available. They are also appealing to many people in the equestrian world.

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