How To Get Started In Robotics Learning

Overall, digital technology came at us with plenty of benefits. Let’s take for example college students. Once upon a time they needed to browse through dozens of books, then take a couple of sentences from each, and then again and again. You see how ineffective that is compared to today’s availability of information? Nowadays they can just check some legit writing services and get going. Or they can browse how to improve their college paper writing. As easy as some simple clicks.

The digital revolution also brought us new fields. Here the paragraph above comes into place again. Now, we have new fields and thanks to the data availability we can learn how to prosper in them. Here we are going to get started exactly on one such journey – robotics.

Collect the Needed Materials

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Now, prior to beginning we need to get the needed materials. Keep in mind that they can be expensive. But they are a must here. It’s also challenging and you’re going to find yourself staring into technical documents, learning code, enrolling in courses, and facing numerous challenges. Thus, take this into account before you continue.

Once we’ve cleared that out, we can talk about the necessities. To start with you can get yourself a baseline materials-and-tools set. Buy the tools you are going to need in order to complete your projects. Since that is more of a technical information, we’d leave that to another article.

Learn to Design

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It may be hard to face the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) but you can try various tools, such as SketchUp, Fusion 360, OnShape, etc. In some of them there are low-cost licensing options or even free versions. They can give you the option of creating CAM files, 2D drawings, 3D drawings, etc.

Programming Tips

Okay, here comes the controller. You have so, so much to learn here. But if you are just starting on your robotics journey, you can begin with Arduino Uno. It’s the easiest one currently available and many resources online show you support tips for it.

You can try browsing some tips for setting up your microcontroller or single-board computer, you can find advice on how to write an Arduino program, and you can see tons of valuable info on the Internet.

Learn Some Skills in Electronics and Circuit

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Those are important fields when one decides to give robotics a try. They can be programmed to make the robot more autonomous. Learn some data about simple circuits such as series, parallel, voltage dividers. Then go to op-amps and other more in-depth details, such as custom PCB design. Newbies in robotics would do well to learn some information on breadboards, DC motors and servos, digital circuit design, and analog circuit design. That will give them some valuable insight when they start on their journey of putting together app-based robots.

Sensor Addition to Robots

Now, here you need to understand the basics of sensors. Those are the things that let the robot understand the input from the environment and those are the basis for further decision making. They can be directly wired into the controller or used in various manners, such as connection to a shield.

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Sensors are of different kinds – digital and analog. Digital give data in the form of the value 0 or 1. Analog sensors give the robot multiple inputs of data with this being dependent on what ADC does the controller have.

Robotics Applications

You already should have the tools and information available. Then we come to actually testing them. Here you start working on putting together your robot. Try various mobile robot projects, use every chance to get some practice on programming and other necessary skills.

Robotics eBooks

There are many people who learn better when they have a book at hand. Thus, you can check out some robotics eBooks to give you aid in furthering your robotics journey. They can give you valuable insights into the field and can help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Robotics Courses

This is something that can greatly enhance your robotics skills. You can find plenty of robotic courses online and enroll in them to gain more information, more skills, more in-depth solutions and tips. Such courses can be a great way to learn from experts and see some practical working solutions. There are different courses for various levels of experience and knowledge so you can definitely find something to suit you.

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Robotics Competitions

Don’t forget, there are various robotics competitions. You or your child (if they are the ones learning robotics) can easily participate in them. This is not only a way to win something. It’s also a method to learn something. You’d see other participants and their projects, you’re going to be inspired to do something out-of-the-box, you’re going to understand the field much, much better than before. All you need to do is build a robot and sign up. Of course, first make sure you know the basics and you know what you are trying to do.


All those things above are important steps into your robotics journey. You need to have all needed materials set up for you (by yourself, of course) and then slowly start learning, understanding, and implementing what you’ve learned.

Robotics is a fascinating field of knowledge, skills, and work. It can provide you with numerous benefits (one of them being having your own robots… probably to do the dishes!). So, if you feel compelled to take on that journey, don’t hesitate more – just start it now. Okay, maybe not exactly now for it may be nighttime when you are reading this but don’t postpone this. Find the tools, find some books, courses, tutorials, and get going. If you really put yourself into it, you can get pretty decent in a short time. Then you can start building onto your skills and knowledge and get into the depths of robotics.

After all, the future (for now, at least) seems to belong to the digital era. One part of it is exactly the automatization of various services and other processes. This can be achieved through robots. Thus, you can find that you’ve learned quite a valuable and sought profession that can help you make your future bright and shiny. So, if you are captivated by that field or merely seek for another adventure, the field of robotics awaits you right here and now.

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