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How To Get A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


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Riding a motorcycle can be a ton of fun, but unfortunately, it’s also quite dangerous. No matter how skilled a motorcycle rider is, there’s no way to control the actions of all the passenger car and truck drivers on the roads. When one of them causes an accident involving a motorcycle, the results are almost always catastrophic for the rider, which is why it’s important for motorcycle enthusiasts to know how to find an accident lawyer.

What to Consider

All practicing lawyers have graduated from law school and passed a bar examination that proves legal knowledge, but that doesn’t mean every lawyer will be a good fit for handling motorcycle accident cases. Injured riders should consider at least these three key factors when looking into accident lawyers:

Location of the Law Office

Just about everyone has seen at least a few commercials advertising the services of auto accident and personal injury lawyers on TV, but what most don’t realize is that some of these ads come from lawyers practicing in other states. Calling the number on the screen to get a lawyer could be a mistake since out-of-state law firms typically refer any cases that come their way to other firms located in the right state. As a result, the client has little to no say over what attorney takes the case, and the lawyer may or may not be intimately familiar with the local courts and judges.

Area of Practice

Some lawyers and law firms act as general practices, handling everything from real estate law to criminal defense. When seeking out a lawyer to provide help and guidance after a motorcycle accident, it’s better to work with someone who focuses more on personal injury law. The best way to find out about areas of practice is to ask a representative from the law firm what type of cases the lawyer handles and whether he or she has represented similar clients in the past.

Reputation and Experience

Don’t stop after calling the firm and asking a few questions. Do some additional research by reading through online reviews and testimonials from a variety of sources. Only move forward with a lawyer if it’s clear that he or she will be able to achieve the best results.

The Next Steps

Now that accident victims know what to look for, it’s time to discuss how to hire a lawyer. The hard part is choosing who to work with, but scheduling initial consultations with multiple law firms can help.

Do The Research First

Instead of going for the first motorcycle accident law firm that comes up on a Google search, take the time to do plenty of research. Consider the factors above to get a good start before heading in for a consultation.

Narrow Down Options

Narrow down the list of potential lawyers to just two or three, then interview each of them. Find out not just how much experience the attorney has with working on motorcycle accident cases but also the plan for moving forward with the case. Ask about direction, confidence levels, fee schedules, and how working with the law firm will benefit the victim to get a better idea of which lawyer will be the best fit.

Find the Best Fit

Ready to start working with a motorcycle accident lawyer? Accident victims should trust their instincts, and they should never settle for working with someone who doesn’t feel like the best fit for the case. Instead, find a lawyer with plenty of relevant experience and a straightforward communication style that can help.

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