How To Avoid The Most Common Bicycle Accidents

As more and more people take to bikes to commute and just generally get from point A to Point B, the number of accidents is increasing. With more bikes on the road, drivers are supposed to be looking out. Unfortunately, many are not and they are putting bicycle riders at risk. It’s not for no reason that law firms like Lamber Goodnow injury lawyers are busier than ever for bicycle riders. 

Cars aren’t the only threat to riders, however. Poor road conditions or bike paths, oblivious pedestrians, and even poor bike maintenance all pose risks. The best thing to do is to be prepared for anything to avoid an accident. In this article, we will go over the ways that you can prevent a bicycle accident to stay safe on the road.

1 – Ride defensively

Bicycle riders have the same rights on the road as car or truck drivers. However, people are not always keen on giving them their right of way. Even when you have the right of way, be ready to yield by anticipating what others are going to do. 

Always look ahead at what is happening down the road. You’ll be able to see when somebody wants to take a left as you approach an intersection so be ready to brake. Slow down when getting close to an intersection and watch what others are doing.

The same goes for when you are getting close to an area with a lot of people around. Some will dart into the street if they don’t see a car but not even notice you on a bicycle. 

2 – Don’t ride distracted

It is very risky to ride around and not realize what is happening around you. Your reflexes have to be quick to avoid an accident and when you are distracted it slows them down. 

Don’t have headphones on when riding as you need to be able to hear things like a car honking or a siren wailing. Without hearing what is going on, you run the risk of getting into trouble. This also goes for talking on the phone while riding, or, even worse, trying to text and ride at the same time. 

3 – Plan your route

Check out where you plan to ride so you can get an idea of what to expect. Road work can put you in a dangerous situation so if you know ahead of time there will be some then you can change your route to avoid it. 

You should also be looking for bike paths that are around your destination so you can stick to those. Being away from traffic is ideal, although you do still have to watch out for pedestrians. 

4 – Keep your bike maintained

Your bike itself could be the cause of the accident so make sure it works as intended. Brakes need to be working so check them before heading out. Check your tires for flats or just to make sure they have the proper pressure. 

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