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How The Manual Transmission Works In A Car

Today at Wonderful Engineering you will learn how does the majestic and magnificent manual transmission operate. What are the components and the mechanisms that keep the wheels churning and what ingenious mechanisms are employed behind the stick drive.

The components of a manual transmission

Before understanding how does the gearing system operate, it is imperative to know what are the components which make this possible:



The Mechanism:

The process of changing gears is as follows:

With the car at a stop, the clutch pedal is pressed, and this causes the throwout bearing to press against the diaphragm spring; releasing the hold of the clutch disc between the pressure plate and the flywheel. By pressing the clutch, the engine and transmission are no longer linked.

As soon as the clutch is released, the clutch plate pressed by the pressure plate gets into the mechanical contact with the flywheel. Thus now the engine and the transmission are directly connected and moving with each other.

The first gear is selected by moving the gear lever into the first gear mark, which causes the selector fork to mesh the collar between gears one and two into the first gear.

Now in order to make the car move, apply the throttle lightly and release the clutch pedal gently with the left foot. Gradually increase the throttle while releasing the clutch. Once the clutch is fully released, your car is in first gear and the engine and transmission are fully linked.

The same process is repeated to shift between the gears. The gear selector is moved to the corresponding gear positions, which pulls the collar out of current gear and engages it with the desired next gear.

When the car has to be stopped, the driver again presses the clutch in order to place the gear shift in the centre/neutral. In this position, no gears are engaged then the clutch can be released safely. It is a good habit to leave the car in neutral whenever you stop or turn off the car, as not doing this can lead to wearing of the throwout bearing.

Here is a wonderful video on how a manual transmission work:

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