How Much To Build The Ewok Village from Star Wars?

Many Star Wars fans have dreamt of living within that universe, walking through the fascinating landscapes and iconic locations the films are known for. While that dream may seem like one that’s far, far away, it might not be as impossible as you may think…

Burton Roofing, suppliers of VELUX windows and roofing materials, have studied Bright Tree Village, built amongst the trees of Endor, to see just how much it would take to make it a reality. With its thatched huts which house to close to 200 Ewoks, this would be a bit task – but never tell us the odds.

A closer look at the Ewok Village

Based on shots from the films and official information from the Star Wars universe, there are 10 key buildings that make up Bright Tree Village. These range in size from a food storage hut all the way up to the village meeting place, which is where the heroes of the Rebellion were taken by the Bright Tree hunting party during Return of the Jedi. Cost to build

While constructing the 16 individual wooden structures which make up these buildings would take time, they’re on the smaller side – the perks of Ewoks only being around a metre tall

A matter of materials

Factoring in the connecting wooden bridges and rope ladders that allow the Ewoks to get around with ease, there’d be a considerable number of materials needed. Timber and rope would be the main materials needed in large quantities, as well as some additional vines and bark to bring everything together.

At what cost?

Now we get down to brass tacks. How long would it take to build Bright Tree Village and what would it cost to build? The final priced up village would come in at around 32 weeks to construct and around £288,000.

When you think about the specialist tools you might need to build a treetop village suspended on multiple giant trees, along with walkways and rope ladders, just over 7 months isn’t bad going.

The cost estimate includes both materials and labour as well. You’d need to get a tribe’s worth of help in order to build something of this scale, and much like Han Solo – they’d expect to be paid well. They are working at heights after all!

Do or do not. There is no try.

Putting aside the many references and puns, this estimate and rough plan goes to show that your dream project doesn’t need to stay in the realm of fiction. With the right expertise at your side and enough time, you really can rebuild Bright Tree Village and live a little closer to nature with your friends and family. 

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