How Fat Will You Get After Eating The Food In Your Plate? This App Will Tell


New technological advancements have brought us a lot of gadgets and luxuries, but they also have had a negative impact on our lifestyle. For instance, all these apps and cool games that are flooding the market have made us all more prone to obesity. Don’t believe that? What’s the amount of junk food you eat when you are playing online or watching a movie on your home theater? With all this in mind, an app is been worked upon by SRI Ventures (the company who made Siri before Apple bought it), which will allow users to find out how many calories are they about to eat. Although, It’s not the first of its kind but it sure is more accurate.

Food calorie calculation

DatabankThe project is being called Project Ceres and SRI Ventures is hopeful that it will be able to rectify the shortcomings of the previous similar apps. The app employs the use of a huge database of recognized food products to determine what the user is about to eat. How is that helpful? Well, the app can tell when you are having a burger and when you are having a double beef cheese burger! The app allows its users to take multiple pictures of the meal to better ascertain what the user is about to eat and to help identify the portion size as well. The app also identifies your habits and routine pertaining to eating and can identify what you eat in routine and from where.

As one can expect; even this system isn’t foolproof and Norman Winarski from SRI agrees. The system is good till the time you are being honest; it can’t detect bacon hidden beneath that lettuce so yeah, you should use this app as a guideline to what you eat and how your eating routine is going with honesty. The app’s basic purpose is to warn you when you are about to eat something that is fattening and unhealthy.

ceresSRI Ventures is hoping that the app will be available in a year or so and since this is the company that created Siri; they know what they are doing and they are good at it. So, folks, expect an app that is worthy enough to be downloaded and depended upon for your dietary needs


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