How Does Software Engineering Change The World?

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Software engineering is an exciting field if you are into innovation and seeing technology continue to change the world. Sub-topics such as embedded software engineering services have improved and had an impact on so many lives in recent times.

Software engineering is basically using engineering principles combined with computer science knowledge to build programs that can solve many problems and create almost anything.

Some industries are impacted by software engineering more than others, but below are some of the biggest impacts and examples that I could come up with. The list is also in no particular order and it is just a few random examples. It is pretty tough to name all of the ways that software engineering has impacted the world.


I can’t even begin to name all of the ways that software engineering has impacted the business world. If I were to do that, then we would be here for a while. But below is a nice little example for you.

Software engineering, for example, is in full effect with employees clocking in and out of work and tracking their hours. Back in the days before software engineering, the method of using pen and paper were just not as effective. Who know how accurate it was?  We are now totally sure about tracking things like hours worked.

There are other major things that software engineering has made an impact on in the business world, but I will leave it up to your imagination!

Defense and Military

How do you think that a military can launch a missile from a faraway location to another distant location?  Software engineering is involved in that process for sure.

Also, without advancements in software engineering, we would not have drones of any kind. Drones are continuing to level up and become more sophisticated because of the advancements in the field. Most things that have to do with defense and satellites has a lot of software engineering and innovation involved.

The ways in which software engineering has made defense and military so advanced is pretty interesting. What will be even more interesting and scary is how much it will advance in the next decade because at the current rate it is alarming!


In such a sophisticated industry like airfare, there is a huge need for advancements in software engineering. The air traffic sector has used this technology to become more efficient and that is why traveling across the country has improved so much in a short time.

It is great to see how all of these advancements have improved industries like the ones listed above. Other industries like healthcare and education have seen massive improvements over the last decade or two. The impact of this technology will continue to flourish and improve daily life for people involved.

Comment below any ways that you can point out how software engineering has improved any of the major industries in the world!


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