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How Can EV Batteries Be Made Better?

Close-up of battery packs in the the electric car.

The recent focus of automakers on electric vehicles has led them to produce batteries fast and in large quantities to meet the growing market’s needs. However, it must be kept in mind that the production does not cause the same problems of environmental damage in the long run that have caused this shift to electric vehicles.

At present, the batteries that are being used for the purpose of powering these electric vehicles are usually made up of lithium ions or are liquid-based. These batteries are not safe to use as the components inside are flammable, they do not provide a lot of mileage, and they are quite big and heavy.

Scientists and researchers are finding ways to transform these lithium-ion batteries into solid ones. They are going to be smaller and hence, more suited to the design of a car that requires a compact setting. Moreover, they will be safer as, like liquids, they will not have a hazard of catching fire with an increase in temperatures or speed.

The research is being carried out by the MIT researchers and their colleague Gerbrand Ceder, the Daniel M. Tellep Distinguished Professor of Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. The questions they are trying to answer are: firstly if the scaling up of this project will raise concerns in the supply department? Secondly, if the manufacturing processes of these solid batteries will need difficult mechanisms and rare materials? Lastly, if these materials and manufacturing processes will increase the cost of production of batteries for electric vehicles?

Since this technology is disruptive, unique circumstances will have to be faced. Hence, the companies must be prepared accordingly. There can be a potential risk of shortage of materials as the demand is expected to rise exponentially by 2030. Large-scale adoption will also cause the price to go up. Nevertheless, for the sake of the environment, this has to be tried.

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