How AirTag Works: All The Chips And Features

Apple has revolutionized the world over the last couple of decades by coming out with such unique, innovative and high-end products that are now widely used around the world. One of the company’s latest products is the AirTag which is now set to take on the Tile tag with its recent release. 

Guest author Michelle Thomas goes back to 2019 when early rumors started to circulate about the development of the AirTag and how hardcore Apple fans noticed hints of its existence in the iOS 13 code as well as the iPhone 11’s support for ultra wideband tech. She gives us a breakdown of all of the cool features associated with the AirTag. You can learn more about Michelle Thomas.

AirTags Can Be Personalized

At its core, the Apple AirTag works the same as a Tile tag. It is a small stainless-steel disc with water and dust resistance, and is powered by a CR2032 battery that can supply it with one year’s worth of battery life. Apple AirTags requires at least iOS 14.5 or newer to be able to function properly. You will also need an Apple ID and an iCloud account. 

One side of the disc contains the Apple logo, and the other side can be customized with whatever design you want. Apple provides a free engraving service. 

While you do get some freedom to be creative with your engravings, the AirTag’s small size limits what you can actually place on it. You can use letters, numbers (zero to 50), and 31 different emojis, but only four characters are allowed. 

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AirTags Have a Lots of Accessories Available

AirTags are available for around $29 per tag. They can also be purchased in packs of four for $99. When you purchase your AirTag, they will not be able to attach to anything directly. You will have to purchase accessories to clip it onto a keychain, a bag, or whatever item you don’t want to lose track of.

To make it easier to attach to your items, Apple also offers a panoply of AirTag accessories, such as a leather keyring for $35, a polyurethane loop for $29, and a Belkin Secure Holder for $13. 

If you want a more upscale way to attach your AirTags to your things, Apple collaborated with the luxury goods company Hermès to release several handcrafted leather accessories, such as key rings and charms. 

On top of Apple’s own AirTag accessories, there is also a healthy third-party accessory marketplace for the device that we expect will boom as soon as AirTags become more popular. 

Ultra Wideband Technology Powers the AirTags

AirTags work similarly to how AirPod pairing works. Items with attached AirTags can be located using Bluetooth and the Find My app. Because AirTags comes with a built-in speaker, looking for your device will trigger a sound to make it easier for you to spot them.

Both the tags as well as the Find My app are powered by the Apple U1 chip, which makes use of Ultra Wideband tech, making its Precision Finding feature possible. Precision Finding uses several tools to pinpoint the location of your items, such as ARKit, your camera input, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer. Through the Find My app, you will be able to get a detailed report on where your device is located at all times, and how far you are from them. 

Precision Finding also comes with a voice-over option to assist visually impaired users. 

Outside of Bluetooth range, your AirTags can be placed into Lost mode. If your AirTag is back within your Find My network range, you will receive a notification. Lost AirTags can also contain your contact information, which would make its return more convenient for those who find it. 

Apple’s Find My Network is Encrypted

Apple emphasized that the Find My network respects user’s privacy. According to Apple, the AirTag was designed to focus on items instead of people, and will not store any data on your location or communication history. All communications through the AirTag will be encrypted from end-to-end. 

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If you are a hardcore Apple fan but have not yet purchased the AirTag, then you should definitely think about doing so.

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