Hovervault Prevents Your Hoverboard From Burning Down Your Home

Hovervault Is The Safety Your Hoverboard Needs 2

The recent craze of hoverboards has somewhat subsided following the battery fires that erupted during the charging, transporting or storing of oh-so-awesome-hoverboards. However, this epic failure has opened doors for other gadgets like Hovervault that has been created by Homescreen Media of Australia in order to prevent any property damage from hoverboards.

Hovervault Is The Safety Your Hoverboard Needs 3
It has been created from fiberglass composite materials and is capable of containing a fire in case of a battery malfunction. The attributed reason for the hoverboards failing is the low-quality lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries have caused quite a lot of house fires and personal injuries.

A lot of major airlines have banned hoverboards on their aircraft and Amazon has even ceased shipment of less expensive versions that are being made in China until improvements are made.Hovervault Is The Safety Your Hoverboard Needs

As of now, Homescreen Media is open for pre-orders of Hovervault for $39. This doesn’t include the $7 charge for international shipping that is applicable for orders of up to 35$.

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