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Hoverboard Takes Water Sports To A Whole New Level


As the temperatures rise, we are brought the perfect toy to tackle this scorching heat by the French jetski champion Franky Zapata who also created the Flyboard. This time he has come up with a new product by the name of Hoverboard and this gadget is nothing less than a trained beast if you ask us. It can be classified as a cross between a wakeboard and a hovercraft.

How does it work? The idea is quite an ingenious one; the gadget itself is connected to the water exhaust of a jetski. The gadget has its own single nozzle and is capable of shooting water out the back of the board that allows the user to achieve speeds of about 23 Mph. The great thing about this Hoverboard is that the user’s feet are attached to it unlike surfboard and skateboard. Why is it a good thing? Because it allows you to pull off crazy stunts and not just regular stunts.

For those of you who own the Flyboard; they can modify it into Hoverboard for only $2,675 and others can purchase the Hoverboard for $5,850 when it is made available this month.

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