Hong Kong’s T-Plus Apartments Are Smaller Than A Parking Space

Hong Kong’s T-Plus Apartments Are Smaller Than A Parking Space!

Nano flats are famous in Hong Kong. However, a property developer in Hong Kong has made it to the news headlines by selling apartments that are even smaller than the regular parking space. The apartment is known as T-Plus and also goes by the name of shoebox flat.

Hong Kong’s T-Plus Apartments Are Smaller Than A Parking Space!

The T-Plus measures in at 128 square feet thus making it smaller than the average Hong Kong parking space that measures in at 130 square feet. Despite the tiny size, the T-Plus comes equipped with all of the amenities that might be required by a person including a kitchen, storage space, a toilet, a refrigerator, a dining table, and a bed. This is quite an amazing feat considering that the apartment is so small that you can traverse it by taking only five steps.

The design of the T-Plus micro-flats was inspired by student hostels that are famous for making use of small spaces while making maximum use of the functionality. The newly constructed Hong Kong apartment building has a total of 73 T-Plus micro-flats. The developer had hoped to sell the majority of these units during December of last year during a sale, however; the units have not been able to impress the potential buyers, and the company was able to sell only two of the units. Sammy Po Siu-ming, chief executive of the residential division at Midland Realty, said that the result was the worst in recent times.

The T-Plus apartments cost $364,600 during the sale. While this price might seem a lot, trust us; it is much cheaper than the average nano flat price in Hong Kong. In March 2018, a micro-apartment measuring only 209 square feet was sold in Hong Kong’s Pok Fu Lam area – the said apartment was sold for $1 million.

Hong Kong’s T-Plus Apartments Are Smaller Than A Parking Space!

Although a 128 square foot apartment does sound like a cage as opposed to a living space, the developers in Hong Kong would have made the apartments even smaller if that was a possibility. Earlier in 2016, a company filed plans with Hong Kong’s building department seeking approval for transforming a commercial building into an apartment complex featuring 68 units with each unit measuring only 61.4 square foot. To give you a bit of a perspective; that is smaller than a jail cell.

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