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Honda’s Mean Mower V2 Earns The Title Of World’s Fastest Lawnmover

Honda’ Mean Mower V2 has managed to earn the title of world’s fastest lawnmower for the Japanese company. The Mean Mower V2 has a top speed of 243 kilometers per hour and offers a power to weight ratio that is better than Bugatti Chiron while doing the quickest 0-100 mph in the history of lawn care vehicles.

Honda and Team Dynamics (British Touring Car Championship partner) relied on a 4-cylinder engine from a CBR1000RR Fireblade motorcycle that is capable of generating 200hp at 13,000 rpm, custom-built and exceptionally lightweight frame, and a set of regular bodywork from Honda HF 2622 lawn tractor for creating this beast to earn back the title of the world’s fastest lawnmower.

Honda had bagged this record back in 2013, but then a Norwegian team came up with a 408-hp Corvette motor juxtaposed within a Viking T6 and earned the title in 2015. The Viking’s record of 215 kilometers per hour was no problem for the Mean Mower V2 that was able to achieve a speed of 241 kilometers per hour at the Dekra Lausitzring near Dresden last week. Mean Mower V2 was also able to set a record for the quickest acceleration by going from 0 to 100 mph in 6.29 seconds.

Surprisingly enough though, the press release by Honda only celebrates the acceleration feat of the test and doesn’t speak of the top speed run thus bringing us to the conclusion that maybe it was not able to officially prove the top speed run within an hour – a requirement for a Guinness World Record.

Dave Hodgetts, the Managing Director of Honda UK, said, ‘After taking the top speed record in 2014, we wanted to do something a little different by setting an all-new record for acceleration.’ But this seems like a salvage attempt from the company that did nothing but speak of bagging the top speed trophy up until the actual test took place.

Check out the Mean Mower V2 in action below!