Honda Has Unveiled A New Jet – And It Is The Sleekest One Yet


Meet the latest version of the Honda Jet 420 series, i.e., the Elite II. This futuristic jet made its sizzling debut at the National Business Aviation Association’s annual BACE event that happened yesterday. This was one of the most ambitious and critical projects of the Honda Jet 420 series that has finally managed to complete the series with the arrival of this promising new jet. Authorities from Honda revealed that the jet has come up with some exceptional autonomous qualities, featuring the undeniably cool autonomous self-landing and autothrottle characteristics. However, in this latest edition of the series, a lot of features have been upgraded, and the most important upgradation comes with its extended range and increased fuel capacity.

It has been reported by the officials that along with its extended range and increased fuel capacity, the company has also increased its maximum takeoff weight to about 11,100 pounds and this has made the jet capable of carrying maximum cargo over a longer range. In addition to this, Garmin’s G3000 avionics system has intrigued the public due to the inclusion of auto throttle and self-landing features. This leads to a reduced workload for the pilot which will eventually enable him toward a better stress management approach. Not only this, but the autonomous system is also capable of taking control over the aircraft in case of any emergency situation like engine failure or pilot blackout, etc.

Not to mention, Hideto Yamasaki, who is the president and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company, while introducing the new latest jet, said, “It will be the fastest, highest and farthest flying aircraft in its class, with an expanded range of 1,547 nautical miles. It will allow the aircraft to be operated with one pilot. That is something that customers have been asking for.” Also, a team of engineers worked considerably well on re-designing its interior which is now giving an elegant and luxurious look. They have also deployed such systems which have made the interior look quieter than ever before.

To that end, this sleek black jet with a red side strip is all you can wish for in luxurious air travel. This sophisticated and state-of-the-art jet comes with a price of $6.95 million. However, the team has yet to certify the jet from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) so that they can ramp up its operations in a timely manner.


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