Hold This Ball In Your Hand And It Will Charge Your Smartphone


You’ll just need to give your device a hand to charge it, quite literally! While it is the era of handheld power banks and solar panels, HandEnergy is here to provide a rather ingenious alternative.

You just need to hold this Pokeball-type device in your hand, give it a few spins and charge your phone’s battery anytime and anywhere!

Pic Credits: digitaltrendsHandEnergy

 Co-founder Alex Novik told Digital Trends,

“You may be familiar with the wrist-training device called the Powerball, which is a powerful handheld gyroscope. We came up with the idea of putting a battery, metal coil and magnets inside a similar device for generating electricity. We spent a year developing it, trying to find the best materials we could. After around a dozen prototypes, we finally arrived at one that we were happy with.”

Pic Credits: digitaltrends

The device works on a two-axis rotor gyroscope, and to start it device; the users need to wind a starter ring. This process activates the rotor, which can then be kept spinning if you keep rotating your hands. The rotor inside the device rotates at an average speed of 5,000 rotations per minute, converting mechanical power to an electric current which can then be used to charge the built-in batteries using a USB cable.

Novik  added,

“We don’t necessarily think this will be something that you use every day, because it takes around one hour to reach full capacity. But it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and you can use it anywhere if you find yourself someplace with no plugs or available electricity.”

The device won’t charge your entire battery in one go since it only has a capacity of 1,000mAh, but it can come in handy (pun not intended) in case you are in dire need of some power source and all contemporary methods fail you.

The device had a successful crowdfunding on Kickstarter, raising over $71,000 in one month, and the company says the product will be available for the masses in May 2017, at 99 euros.

Would you buy one for yourself? Or do you think it is very limited in its application? Comment below!

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