Hitting the Trail with Man’s Best Friend – How to Make Your Truck a More Pet-Friendly Space


Since its release in 1948, the Ford F150 has been one of the best-selling vehicles in American history. It is an ingrained part of Americana that is still going strong. With that in mind, many families across the country have an F150 in their garages and driveways. This includes many pet owners who would love nothing more than to bring their pets along on various family outings and adventures. Unfortunately, many fear that bringing their pets along for the ride might be harmful to their pets or their trucks. It’s understandable. These tips will help you make your truck a pet-friendly space so you can bring your best friend along for the ride.

Protect Your Pet

While your dog might love to hang his head out of the windows while riding along to enjoy all the wonderful smells, this is not the best for his health. Not only do flapping ears cause problems but there is always the risk of flying debris causing damage to your dog’s eyes and its delicate nose. Instead, roll the windows down enough that your dog can enjoy the many wonderful fragrances and aromas without getting his head out of the window and risking harm.

Additionally, consider securing your dog with a safety harness or seat belt. This not only protects your pet from harm if an accident occurs, but it also prevents your dog from climbing into the driver’s lap, getting under a driver’s foot, or causing additional risky situations that could actually cause accidents. You will find many options for dog safety belts, seatbelts, and harnesses to make your pet’s ride safer. If you’re traveling with cats, consider investing in a pet carrier to keep your kitty properly corralled while you’re on the go.

Invest in a Pet Ramp

Your pickup truck can be a hefty step for humans. For our four-legged companions, it can still be larger. While younger pups and cats may be able to make the leap (into or out of your truck) without a problem, older pets or those at risk for hip dysplasia and similar conditions may find the climb problematic. Pet ramps reduce the risk of bone and joint injuries and make travel a far less painful proposition for your pets.

Protect Your Truck’s Seats

Consider Ford F150 seat covers to protect your seats from your pet. The right seat covers can make a world of difference that will help you feel more comfortable and confident about bringing your pet along for the ride. Not only are they removable and washable, in case of accidents or sickness (some pets get car sick), but they are also waterproof so that accidents don’t soak through into your seats.

Beyond that, your seat covers offer protection from your pet’s claws, and pet hair, and protect the beauty of your truck’s seats so your truck maintains higher resale value when the time comes to part with your current Ford F150 in exchange for a newer model.

Protect Yourself and Your Truck

Another consideration, especially when traveling with pets is that of safety for all parties inside your vehicle and other vehicles on the road. Roaming pets can cause accidents. It really is that simple. While you want to have your pets with you, you don’t want to do so at the risk of their health and the health, safety, and lives of others. Pet harnesses and seat belts are an excellent first choice for protecting that. Other options include safety bars that keep them from coming into the front seat area of your truck. Still, other options exist in the form of pet hammocks that provide a comfortable space for your pet to rest on the road while also providing a barrier between the front and back seats your pet cannot easily pass.

Pack on the Supplies

Pets need gear. When traveling with pets, they may feel uncomfortable and nervous. This could lead to sickness and accidents. For this reason, you want to, first, make your pet as comfortable as possible. This means including comforting toys or blankets that will help your pet feel at home in your truck. Fortunately, your truck probably smells a little like you to your pet, so that will help. The more familiar items and people in your truck, though, the better it will be. Secondly, you want to make sure you have paper towels and cleaning products to clean up accidents as they occur. Finally, make sure to bring favorite treats and water for your pet to provide hydration and reassurance during your travels.

Traveling by truck with man’s best friend is much easier when you apply these bits and pieces of advice.


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