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Hippo Water Roller Makes It Easy For Families In Africa To Fetch Water

There’s a reason why the image of women carrying water jars on their heads is a conventional postcard of Africa; rural parts of Africa has children and women spending almost 26% of their time fetching water for cooking, washing, drinking and other needs. These people end up wasting a lot of time on a daily basis, not to mention the long-term injuries that they suffer from carrying heavy loads inappropriately on a daily basis.

Considering all this, two African engineers came up with an invention that changed this practice and is continuing to do so since 1994 – when it was first established. Say hello to the ‘Hippo Water Roller’ – a simpleton device that is capable of carrying water efficiently and conveniently.

The gadget is basically a container shaped like a barrel and capable of holding the water and rolling along the ground. It features a handle that has been attached to its axis. The tank is capable of holding up to 90 liters – quite a lot more than what a single person is capable of carrying on his/her head.

The latest intricate model comes with a filter and pump to purify the collected water so that it becomes fit for consumption. The families that make use of the water roller can’t afford them so they are being helped via sponsors. As per Hippo Water Roller Project, “approximately 46,000 sponsored Hippo rollers have been distributed in at least 20 countries directly benefiting at least 300,000 beneficiaries with an average of 7 per household.”

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