High-Tech Smart Cambridge Mask Filters Out Air Pollution, Viruses And Bacteria

Here’s Smart Cambridge Mask: the coolest wearable device that will protect you from chronic pollution all around us!
The mask utilizes Bluetooth low energy chip embedded in the valve that monitors air quality around and automatically notifies you when to wear the protection and when it is safe to remove it. The mask also notifies when to change its pollution-trapping filter. This makes the technology perfect for urban dwellers, cyclists or basically anyone worries about air pollution.
Kickstarter page narrates the following, 
“93% of us are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution on a daily basis. We want to help. For the last two years we have been working on disrupting the respirator (mask) industry. Now, with the help of Y Combinator’s Fellowship Programme, we have been able to file patent, develop final prototype and source production to bring this project to life.”
The mask filters pollution particles like diesel emissions, petrol fumes and even pathogens such as viruses and bacteria; ensuring you are breathing in the purest possible air.
Smart Cambridge Mask/ Kickstarter
The mask comes with a companion app that mixes the real time reading with government data via AirVisual to give best possible air pollution estimates. The app also uses info such as your height, weight, age, and gender to calculate lung capacity and cross reference with your breathing patterns to give customized advice on filter expiration date and time to wear a mask.
Smart Cambridge Mask/ Kickstarter
The new Smart Cambridge Mask is going on sale from October 2017. Already their Kickstarter campaign has raised  £18,036 of £25,000 goal with 17 more days to go, so you better hurry up and get book your own for a standard pledge starting from £18.

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