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Here’s Why You Should Never Throw Away Your Boarding Pass After The Flight

Boarding pass for airplane

I love going to holiday resorts around the world whenever i get time off from work. Holidays keep me recharged for the rest of the year. However, i still don’t like flying. If i have the choice of going on a cruise ship or a plane, i would pick the cruise.  To be honest, going to an airport and going through the security and the long lines makes me uncomfortable. I only breathe a sigh of relief when I finally board the flight. We tend to hold our boarding pass very dear up till the point of boarding the flight. However, like most people, I get very casual with the boarding pass once I board the flight. The boarding pass ends up under the seat or in some dustbin.

Until watching this video I never realized that my carelessness with the boarding pass had the potential to land me in a ton of trouble! Evidently there is personal information frequently encrypted on the pass, according to ‘Krebs on Security”.

The forensic experts at CBS pointed out that the encrypted bar code on your boarding pass can contain information such as your email address, home address and phone numbers. Very soon, it is possible that it will also contain some of your financial information. The potential damage of this information getting into wrong hands is huge as it can lead to identity theft. It is also strange that the airlines never made this information public themselves and we are now knowing about this the hard way.

Stay safe, keep your boarding pass with you.

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