Here’s Why You Should Never Stand Behind A Table Saw

Standing behind a table saw

You should never stand behind a Table Saw, unless of course, you want to get impaled by a stick of wood. If you found that vision horrifying, then please remember to always stand to the side and never exactly behind the Table Saw. Check out the video below:


Sometimes when you are carving a piece of wood with the table saw machine, the wood gets stuck. The wood grains get stuck in the blades of the saw and it will suddenly throw the wooden slice backward with such force that you have a high chance of getting impaled or at least injured.

Credits: YouTube
This wall could be you if you are not careful. Credits: YouTube

In the video above you can see how the slice of wood went backward in a flash and even pierced the wall about 8 inches through before hitting the steel siding. So remember, NEVER stand behind a table saw otherwise you are putting yourself in direct path of a powerful wooden slice that can impale you. Stay safe!


  1. John Reply

    Any tables should have a riving knife behind it and a hood over the saw to prevent this happening; I would never use a saw without those 2 items installed. this video just shows disregard for basic self preservation!! 8<(

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