Here’s Why You Should Never Fire A Bullet Straight Into The Air

Bullet terminal velocity2

The whole of USA is abuzz with debate on gun control laws and how their abuse is threatening citizens and their security. The mass shootings in schools with children as young as 6-year-old were targeted last year, and still we have such divided opinion on using guns. Yes, people should be allowed to carry and fire their guns as it has been guaranteed under the second amendment, but we can’t hide behind it to stop extreme nonsense acts by individuals who don’t even know the repercussions of their acts. Take the case of firing guns wildly in the air as an example. Most gun owners believe that a bullet returning is nothing to worry about as it can’t achieve the kind of speed possible to do some real damage.

While it is true that nine times out of ten, a stray bullet coming back to Earth will strike the ground somewhere away from humans but every tenth time, it WILL land near people and may cause severe damage if a person is near enough. Many people don’t understand the Physics of it as well as the returning bullet easily achieves terminal velocity while returning to Earth. .30 calibre rounds can reach a terminal velocity of 90 m/s or 204 Km/h while the minimum speed of penetrating the human skin is 60 m/s. So, a person can die of bullet wounds if he gets hit by a stray bullet.

Bullet terminal velocity

Redditor ahvey was lucky enough to survive that. He went to bed on new year’s eve and found a bullet hole in his window the next morning along with the bullet itself. Its interesting that nobody in the vicinity had fired a gun or even heard a gunshot last night. So, it must have come from distance and fired at an angle. Although it is human nature to just pick up a gun and fire indiscriminately into the air, it is dangerous and should be avoided.

Yes, this is the kind of damage a returning bullet is capable of, so you should better fire them inside a target practice area or somewhere you are absolutely sure it won’t hit anyone. Unintended blood on your hands is the worst thing that can happen to anybody!

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  1. Jonas Reply

    I believe Mythbusters tested this and find the falling bullets nonlethal.
    Looking at the broken glass from the poor guys window and knowing that the the old nato standard round 7.62 x 51mm had a safety distance well over 10 kilometers when shooting horisontal.
    I think it’s far more possible that some asshat thought it to be a good idea to shoot whilst drunk and not the safety of others.

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