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Here’s Why There Is A Bump On F and J Keys On A Keyboard

Why Is There A Bump On F and J Keys On A Keyboard featured

Are you among the small percentage of those who pay attention to little details or are you like the most out there who are too busy to pay attention to minor everyday details? We have decided to talk about one such minor detail that probably everyone knows about but isn’t aware of its purpose. Trust us, once you find out what’s the real purpose of this amazing detail, you’ll never forget again.

Chances are, you’re using a keyboard right now.

Over the span of years, a number of variations have been introduced.

But one particular thing in common is that F and J keys always feature small bumps.

The only keyboards without them are the ones that were manufactured 15 years ago.

So the bumps are important, but what do they do? They’re an ingenious way of helping you type faster.

By placing your index fingers on each bump you’ll realize that your hands are in the perfect position for typing.

There’s a reason why professional typists never look at their keyboard.

One it saves time, secondly they use these bumps to get a feel of where the hands are and thus prove to be more effective.

This simple detail wasn’t invented until 2002.

Thank June E. Botich for coming up with this invention.